Responding to the drastically changing competitive environment of fitness clubs by promoting DX!

~Improving workflow by introducing digital technology! Creating contact with customers with an easy-to-use application! ~

Aristor Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Manabu Miyazaki) provides software for wellness facility managers, “WellPlat”.  Since July 2022, we have been supporting COSPA Wellness CO., LTD(Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka; President: Yasuaki Otomo) by introducing WellPlat. We would like to inform you that we have published an implementation example.

The fitness club industry, which faced a series of requests to refrain from operating as facilities at high risk of infection during the coronavirus pandemic, is rapidly recovering in terms of users and sales after moved to “category 5” in May 2023. In post-Corona fitness club operations, the presence or absence of a digital DX tool has had that impact. The introduction of digital tools is streamlining what used to be a manual process, and is also changing the opportunities to connect with members. Our WellPlat is a semi-customized cloud service that supports the promotion of fitness DX, responds to the ever-changing environment, and solves operational issues. We will explain about the business improvement flow, convenience, and results of deepening customer communication through the case study of COSPA Wellness CO., LTD.

■Introducing the case study article

COSPA Wellness CO., LTD

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There was a sense of urgency to have a digital service as soon as possible as a way to keep customers coming to the store and to make contact with them as much as possible. However, they were having difficulty organizing the necessary functions on their own. They have been using Beatfit for some time and asked for advice on what they could do as the next step in membership retention strategy. The deciding factor for the introduction of the application is that calmly discussed about their requests from the viewpoint of whether there requests’ functions were really needed by customers.


We asked Ms. Ayukawa, Director of Store Support Department, Mr. Okamoto, Team Manager of Fitness Division 1, and Ms. Kageishi, Health Fitness Programmer, COSPA Matsuiyamate, about the viewpoints they noticed when introducing the system, the changes and effects it brought after introduction, and their future perspectives.


<Points of the article>

・Finding a way for digital service as weapon for customer retention

・By being able to prioritize and organize the desired functions, we now have a better chance of achieving maximum performance.

・Through production, we have tried to capture the needs of our customers from a broad perspective.

・After the introduction of the system, the workflow was changed to a company-wide workflow.

・Creating touch point with customers through the app

・Realization of an application that is easy to use for everyone with an emphasis on convenient UI


< Effects after the introduction >

・The work flow has been changed to involve the entire company, and the work style has become speedy and fun, taking advantage of the characteristics of the application.

・The app has created a point of contact with customers, enabling communication with customers with whom we had no previous contact.

・An app that emphasizes convenience and is easy for anyone to use has been created, and the number of elderly people who use the app every day is increasing.

■About WellPlat

WellPlat is a semi-customized cloud service that solves operational issues faced by fitness clubs. WellPlat offers a wide variety of technology modules that can be customized and combined to meet the needs of each company. Based on our experience and knowledge of actual club implementations, WellPlat provides the best support for each phase  The implementation is not the goal, but we also provide careful aftercare services.

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■About Aristor Co., Ltd.

With the goal of “Changing consciousness, changing behavior, and changing the future,” we aim to be the group that best elucidates human behavior in the world from a data-based scientific approach. We are developing a healthcare tech business that operates the fitness app “Beatfit” and a consulting business that solves management issues for corporate customers based on the know-how gained from the healthcare tech business.


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