How digitization has improved workflow and has changed touch points with customers.

COSPA Wellness CO., LTD manages integrated sport gyms. Since July 2022, we have been supporting them by introducing WellPlat to the COSPA application, and currently 22 stores are using the application. We interviewed them about the background of the implementation, the effects after the introduction, and their expectations for the future.

COSPA Wellness CO., LTD

Interview response:
Ms. Ayukawa, Director of Store Support Department
Mr. Okamoto, Team Manager, Fitness Division 1 & 2
Ms. Kageishi, Health Fitness Programmer, COSPA Matsuiyamate

Goal for the implementation : To realize digital services as a weapon for membership retention.

Selection Points : The ability to prioritize and organize desired features was a deciding factor.

Effects after the introduction : Change in workflow involving the entire company, Create touch points with customers, Easy-to-use applications with an emphasis on convenient UI.

 Finding a way for digital service as weapon for customer retention

―――Please tell the background of the implementation.

We have been using Beatfit for some time and asked for advice on what we could do as the next step in our membership retention strategy. We had been gathering information about introducing an application as a means of increasing customer convenience. However, we did not have the know-how and felt it would be difficult to organize the necessary functions by ourselves. However, there was also a sense of urgency to have a digital service as soon as possible as a way to keep customers coming to the store and to make contact with them as much as possible.

The ability to prioritize and organize desired features was a deciding factor.

​―――What were the deciding factors when you picked WellPlat?

It was great that you organized what we would like to do. We were able to calmly discuss our requests from the viewpoint of whether they were really needed by our customers. You conducted market research and interviewed field staff so we could prioritize.

Through production, we have tried to capture the needs of our customers from a broad perspective.

―――What is the difficulties for the implementation?

Until now, it seemed that fitness clubs were only looking at a small percentage of fitness-loving customers. At the initial meetings, we imagined only the people who actually came to the club, and there were times when we could not see the people who had not come, the people who would come, and the people who were future target audience. During the production process, we received various suggestions that led us to make some changes in our mindset. We realized that we would not be able to convey our message to the general public unless we changed our conventional values, and we had a hard time taking into consideration the general needs of the public in the production of the product.

After the introduction of the system, the workflow was changed to a company-wide workflow.

​―――What are positive aspects since introduction of the system?

Until now, when we implemented a new project, we had to ask stores to inform the project by saying, “We are going to do something like this, put up a poster and inform customers.”

After the introduction of the app, not only promotions in stores, but also announcements are sent out by the head office staff. The head office is also involved in the entire process from planning to promotion, rather than just telling the stores. I think it is good that the entire company is involved. We are also taking advantage of the application’s characteristics and using it with a sense of speed. The too much formal text used in e-mails is not used in the application, and we are conscious of making it fun.

Creating touch point with customers through the app

―――What is the reaction of your employees and staff working on gym?

In terms of employees and staff, there was expectations, but also some anxiety, as we were starting something new. However, through the chat function, we feel that we have become closer to our customers and the operation method is simple and easy to use. At first glance, I felt that digital would separate the contact point between people, but through the application, there are more opportunities to be close to customers. I think it was also good that all the staff members were pointed in the same direction under the keyword of creating touch point with customers.

Realization of an application that is easy to use for everyone with an emphasis on convenient UI

―――What kind of response have you received from members? Some of our customers were also apprehensive at first. However, the younger generation, who usually use digital technology, felt that they would finally introduce the app. On the other hand, since many of our customers are elderly, some of them were anxious at the mention of the word “smartphone” or “app.” However, even an 80-year-old is familiar with the app, now. He says, “It makes me so happy to look at the calendar every day and see the day I came to the gym is colored! “ We have received a lot of positive feedback from our members.

―――What are your future prospects?

We believe it is very important to deepen communication through the application and analyze users, including who is using it and how. We would like to deepen the discussion and evolve the app to “connect with customers” that will help to improve members retention rate. We are planning to integrate with Beatfit in the future, so that part will be one of the part to increase the value of the application, so we are looking forward to it.

Software for Wellness Facility Managers

WellPlat is a semi-customized cloud service that solves operational issues faced by fitness clubs. The system can be implemented quickly and lower ptice, and we have a variety of technical modules that we can combine debend on your needs.

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